Medal Mounting

At MCC, we understand the pride and honour that comes with earning military medals. Whether you’ve served in the armed forces or received prestigious awards, or even inherited a family member’s medals, we believe these accomplishments should be celebrated and displayed with utmost respect. 

That’s why we offer a comprehensive medal mounting service, ensuring your medals are expertly mounted for you to wear proudly or elegantly displayed in a frame.

Medal Mounting in Frame

Frames Mounted

When it comes to frame mounting, our customisable framing service offers you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind tribute that celebrates your journey and achievements.

Select from our range of various frame mounts and background colours to best suit your requirements.

Our framing service extends beyond just mounting medals. If you have additional items, such as photographs, badges, certificates, or other mementos that hold sentimental value, we can incorporate them into the frame alongside a brass plaque with personal and/or professional details.

Our experts will artfully arrange these elements, creating a visually cohesive and meaningful display that captures the full story behind your accomplishment.

Medals To Wear

When it comes to mounting military medals for wear, there are two primary methods:

  • Court Mount
  • Swing Mount

Each method offers a distinct aesthetic and the choice of either, is down to your own preference. This service is provided for miniature or full size medals.

Court mounting is the traditional and more formal method of mounting medals for wear. In court mounting, the medals are securely fixed to a stiff backing board, which ensures they lay flat with minimal movement or “swing”.

Swing mounting is a more relaxed and casual method of mounting medals to wear. With swing mounting the medals are attached to a single piece of ribbon, allowing them to “swing” freely when worn.

We hand-polish your medals before mounting them. We can supply new ribbons, clasps and mounting brooches if needed. We also offer either miniature or full-size, original or replica replacements.

Bar of medals on pin to wear

Get In Touch!

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, a retirement present, or a centrepiece for your office, our displays are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Contact us today to discuss your medal mounting needs, and let us create a stunning display that will preserve your legacy for generations to come.

Medal Mounting Prices

Swing Style

£7.50 per medal + cost of mounting brooch

Mounting brooches start at £4

Price includes new ribbons

Court Style

£14 per medal + cost of mounting brooch

Example: 1 Medal from £18, 2 medals from £33, 3 Medals from £46 

Mounting brooches start at £4

Price includes new ribbons

Framed Medals

Start from £50

This is a bespoke service allowing for a wide range of customisation options, please get in touch to discuss mounting your medals in a frame.

Explore our gallery for a glimpse of our past projects and creations.

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